Tiger Docks understands there are a lot of questions that go along with building or designing a marine environment. The following are the most frequently asked...

Boat Lifts

Air Water Lift

Are remote controls available for my HydroHoist?

Yes, HydroLaunch can raise or lower your lift from 500 feet away. At this time, the HydroLaunch is designed only for the UltraLift-2 series, up to 8,800 lbs. However, we also sell Firstmate boat lift remote controls, which can be used with any air water lift. 

What is the difference between a floating and stationary boat lift?

Depending on your specific site conditions, Tiger Docks can help you decide what boat lift makes the most sense. Usually, a stationary boat lift is installed when water fluctuation is slight and a floating boat lift is preferred when the water is deep and has the potential to have high amounts of fluctuation.

Cable Lifts

How do I know when to replace the cables?

Tiger Docks advises you to periodically inspect your cables. When the cables begin to fray it is time to replace them.

How easy is it to turn the wheel to raise the hoist?

With the correct hoist capacity, it generally takes about 40 lbs. of rim pull to raise the lift.

Dock Systems

Wood Dock

Should I purchase a stationary or floating dock?

Depending on personal preference and site conditions, Tiger Docks can help you decide what type of dock would work best for you.

How long will my wood dock last?

Wood docks generally last between 20-25 years when well maintained.

What is the difference between a Steel and Wood Frame dock?

A wood frame dock is the preferred choice for most residential sites. A steel frame dock has a variety of decking material to choose from including wood, composite or concrete panels. Also, steel docks are the best docks to choose if you are thinking of installing a roof system.

Can I leave a floating dock in all year long?

Depending on your specific site conditions, Tiger Docks can help to determine if your floating dock can be left in throughout the year or if it needs to be pulled out due to ice or other elements.

What is the difference between a floating dock and a pier?

A floating dock floats in the water and maintains the dry area between the water and the base of the dock. A pier is stationed into the ground, under the water. This enables the dock to fluctuate with the water.

Can I put a roof on my dock?

Steel docks are the preferred dock if you are considering adding a roof system to your dock.



How do I figure the adequate flotation for my dock?

There are many factors that complicate the formulas below. Factors such as additional loads applied to the dock, ramp, structure, table and storage boxes may require increased support but a general rule of thumb is:

  • Residential - 30 pounds per square foot
  • Commercial - 40 pounds per square foot

Example: Using 2436-20 float drums (support 440 pounds each)

  • Residential: 8'W x 11'L = 88 square feet x 30 pounds per square foot = 2,640 pounds of flotation needed. 2,640 pounds divided by 440 pounds (support of the drum) = 6 float drums
  • Commercial: 8'W x 11'L = 88 square feet x 40 pounds per square foot = 3,520 pounds of flotation needed. 3,520 pounds divided by 440 pounds (support of the drum) = 8 float drums

Generally, you will round the number of floats needed up to the nearest even number.

Where should you place the floats?

A general rule of thumb is to place the floats around the perimeter of the dock. Finger Docks generally require additional flotation at the end of the dock to reduce deflection.


What kind of anchoring do I need?

Depending on your site conditions, several types of anchoring can be used, including; cables, winches, underwater chain anchors, and spud poles.



How are Tiger Docks' products shipped?

Depending on the object being shipped, Tiger Docks will calculate the most sensible way to ship your purchase. Generally, small packages are shipped UPS Ground and large items are shipped either freight or commercial carrier flat beds.

How are shipping costs determined?

Shipping costs are determined by where the package is being shipped, how it is being shipped, when it is being shipped, etc.

How long will it take my order to ship?

Whether your product is in stock is the deciding factor regarding a shipping date. If your purchase is in stock, we ship within 48 hours.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, you may pick up your order during normal business hours. Mon-Thurs, 8 AM to 4:30 PM; Friday 8 AM to 4 PM; and evenings or weekends by appointment. All times are Central Standard.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. Payment is due at the time of purchase. For commercial accounts, pre-approved methods of payment are available.

If we have not answered your questions, please feel free to contact a Tiger Docks sales representative via phone, email or fax. Thank you for your interest.

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