Attractive Protection from the Elements

Located in the central United States, Tiger Docks is a leading authorized supplier of Sunstream and ShoreStation Canopies.

A canopy added to your dock or boatlift can preserve the condition of your boat for years. Canopies work around the clock to keep your boat safe from exposure to sun, wind, rain, birds, grime, and overhead debris. With a canopy, you won’t need to spend your valuable time removing and replacing a boat cover before each outing. Enjoy having your boat clean and ready to go at a moment's notice.


Sunstream Boat Lift Canopies

The patented HoverCover™ is the only boat cover that is self-adjusting. It was designed specifically for Sunstream's FloatLift™ boat lift. The HoverCover offers unique options, allowing you to protect your boat at the dock or on a buoy. The HoverCover is an excellent choice when a low-profile canopy is desired. The first of its kind, the HoverCover moves simultaneously with the lift. The cover rises as you lower your boat for easy and safe boarding of passengers. As you raise your boat, the HoverCover lowers, providing snug protection from weather, sun, birds and grime. 

The Deluxe Canopy provides year-round protection and an attractive appearance. Whether you choose the heavy-grade Weblon™ vinyl or the optional Sunbrella™ fabric, the easy-to-install cover will quickly enhance the polished look and functionality of your dock while protecting your boat.

The EcoCanopy™ is the perfect choice if you moor in an environmentally-regulated area. Exclusive to Sunstream, the translucent fabric of the EcoCanopy protects your boat and the environment. The EcoCanopy is the preferred canopy of the Army Corp of Engineers.


ShoreStation Boat Lift Canopies

The ShoreStation Canopy cover installation is a snap, literally! ShoreStation's vinyl-coated nylon fabric canopy features the innovative SpoolSnap attaching system and a longer valance for added protection. This is the easiest canopy cover installation system ShoreStation has ever offered.

ShoreStation’s SpoolSnap canopy design features a bungee cord sewn right in. This bungee is simply looped over a set of spools on the canopy frame for a snug fit and easy removal. The SpoolSnap system is now standard on all ShoreStation canopy covers. Canopies are available in the following colors: Blue, Tan, Green, White, and Gray.



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